Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things! Stuff!

Sorry for the delay in getting stuff up here. Been meaning to but post con stuff keeps getting in the way. Anyway, have a REALLY EARLY "draft" programme. This is more ideas than actual panels.
  • Before I kill you Mr Bond
  • How to destroy the world (with examples)
  • Future hazards
  • The role of minions
  • Great villains in... (this I see as a series of panels of half an hour each)
  • Is it all about the wardrobe?
  • Build your own atomic bomb
  • How to kill your hero
  • If I REALLY ruled the world... (or how to deal with strong jawed defenders of justice)
  • When the heroes go bad
  • When the villains go good
  • The boomerang factor - risen from the dead
  • The OTHER Phoenix effect: when your hero becomes a Deus Ex Machina.
  • The chainmail bikini and villainess costume.
  • Evil laughs 101

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